Be Prepared For Disasters Big and Small

When a furry assailant wreaked havoc on this MSP’s client, his backup plan saved the day and won him the Intronis Hero Award for Great Online Backup Practices.

Sometimes “disaster” comes in the form of a little furry woodland creature, not a massive natural catastrophe. Case in point, Intronis partner Black’s Support Services, which recently came face-to-face with the impact even the smallest disruption – a neighborhood squirrel – can have on a customer’s business.

Although they poke fun at it now, it was no laughing matter to Bill Black, owner of Black’s, a managed services provider (MSP) located in southern Indiana, when his customer called with an outage last summer. A hapless squirrel had barreled into a transformer, knocking power out at the main headquarters of Black’s customer, a retail store chain, and causing a very serious situation.

With that main office completely offline, not only did all electronic business handled by the retail operation grind to a halt, the customer’s file storage server was impacted as well. Bad luck turned even worse when the customer’s RAID5 corrupted, leaving nearly 60 GB of data in limbo. Black was under pressure to get the office up and running as quickly as possible.

As a managed services customer of Black’s, the customer’s environment was supported by Intronis cloud backup and disaster recovery. In fact, for the past two years, Intronis has been a standard installation for every client Black’s serves.

“Once I discovered Intronis, it really changed the way we approached managed services,” says Black. “We can confidently provide a secure, automatic backup solution without question. With the online portal, all of the client systems are completely manageable, and backup status is instantly viewable at a glance, from any device. Frankly, now I sleep well at night knowing that my client data is backed up and safe.”

Because Black deploys a two-prong backup and disaster recovery solution set with customers to deliver both file- and image-level restore options, technicians went first to the image-level backup option. But due to a malfunctioning backup drive, it quickly became obvious that the image-level process had been failing for months. “Thankfully, we were able to pull up Intronis and immediately start the restore process from the cloud,” explains Black. Within 24 hours, the client had complete access to all their files. “The Intronis process worked flawlessly, providing readily available and proven methods to restore our customer’s data,” says Black. Sadly, the squirrel didn’t fare as well.

Intronis, the world’s leading cloud backup and recovery solution for the IT channel, solicits success stories from its partners as part of its Intronis Hero Award program. Intronis selects and features one story each month to serve as an example of how its partners can be heroes to their clients.

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About Intronis
Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery is a world-class cloud backup solution for the IT channel. Intronis provides the industry’s easiest to use secure data solution for offsite and local backup, which generates a monthly recurring revenue stream to add to your business. Intronis offers the best, deepest Exchange and SQL backup on the market, U.S.-based customer support, and is also integrated to major solutions in the MSP ecosystem. The solution has been field tested by thousands of MSPs and the industry spoke by awarding Intronis the 2011 Vendor of the Year from ASCII.

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