Intronis Helps Deliver Speedy Recovery After Hurricane Sandy Flooding

Under three feet of saltwater, a golf course turned to
their MSP to help them make payroll on time.

After Hurricane Sandy pounded the East Coast in late October 2012, an F1 Networx client faced the unthinkable. The customer’s entire Long Island, NY, golf course and catering hall were swamped by three feet of saltwater, rendering its IT environment useless – right up to the desktop PCs. When the client saw the damage, its first move was to call F1 Networx with the desperate question: “How soon can we get our data back?”

Luckily, under the F1 Networx managed services agreement, which included Intronis’ cloud backup and restore services, all that was needed for a system restore for this business owner was a single piece of hardware hastily purchased at a local big box store – and a few hours.

“Fortunately, we were supporting their offsite backup with Intronis, so we knew we’d have them up and running by the end of the day,” explains William Kutzler, CEO of F1 Networx. Even before the client dropped off the consumer-grade PC, the F1 Networx team was hard at work, downloading the mission-critical data needed. In particular, the MSP focused on the back-office data base files that the course management needed to make payroll a few days later.

“Making the payroll was critical for them, so while we were only talking about 1,300 MB of data, it was crucial information that our client needed to pay its staff of about 30, and to cut checks for the much-needed repairs to the business,” says Kutzler.

Because the F1 Networx office is equipped with a high-capacity data connection that can stream 60MB/second, data recovery went quickly. In fact, by the time the customer dropped off the replacement PC, the F1 Networx team was ready.

“After firing the PC up, it was a matter of installing the business programs that our client needed and the customer was back in business,” says Kutzler.

Needless to say, the customer response was a mix of shock, awe and relief. “All the data came through without a hitch and in a matter of 48 hours they went from complete disaster to completely operational,” says Kutzler. “Our customer was very appreciative of F1 Networx for being able to handle such a disaster, and we’re appreciative of Intronis for the support and constant improvements to the software. Intronis makes us look good and, in this case, be a hero for our client.”

Kutzler can attest that ease of restore is only one reason F1 Networx has chosen to standardize its clients on Intronis, often using the backup and disaster recovery tool as a starting point with new customers. “Our customers love the fact that we can restore from anywhere to anywhere, so when a natural disaster like Sandy trashes original equipment or a user error gets the best of them, their backups are still viable and quickly accessible.”

Internally, Kutzler says his team values Intronis’ flexible platform, which allows the MSP to get basic PCs or even hosted virtual machines up and running with the data its clients need – all in a very short recovery window. Plus, Intronis’ intuitive application allows F1 Networx to manage offsite and onsite backup options from one dashboard, and the low cost of delivery with pre-assembled installers makes deployment quick and easy, says Kutzler.

“Intronis allows us to provide a simple, easy to understand backup solution for our customers, and they trust it because it can be used as part of a hybrid solution that supports both a local and cloud backup copy of their data,” he adds. “We have even hopped on the phone and guided our customers through for a local restore if it’s needed; Intronis is that straightforward.”

Having faced the wrath of Mother Nature, Kutzler says both his team and his customers now know that if another disaster the scope of Hurricane Sandy threatens to hit, they can all rest easy knowing that their data, at least, is safe.

Intronis, the world’s leading cloud backup and recovery solution for the IT channel, solicits success stories from its partners as part of its Intronis Hero Award program. Intronis selects and features one story each month to serve as an example of how its partners can be heroes to their clients.

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Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery is a world-class cloud backup solution for the IT channel. Intronis provides the industry’s easiest to use secure data solution for offsite and local backup, which generates a monthly recurring revenue stream to add to your business. Intronis offers the best, deepest Exchange, SQL backup on the market, supports virtualized environments with native VMware backup and is integrated to major solutions in the MSP ecosystem. Partners receive expert, customer support from our U.S.-based team. The solution has been field tested by thousands of MSPs, and the company has been named Best Revenue Generator seven times and Best Customer Support three times by members of ASCII.

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