Intronis releases eSureIT version 2.3

Today, Intronis Technologies released the next version of its eSureIT online backup software. Version 2.3 has numerous enhancements and new features that further allow our users to customize and control their backups. Significant new features of eSureIT 2.3 include multithreading, which makes backups faster, bandwidth throttling, which makes other Internet activity faster, as well as the ability to restore entire groups of files from a specified date.

  • Multithreading will allow the eSureIT software to process (compress, encrypt and transmit) multiple files at the same time therefore significantly reducing the amount of time to complete a backup.
  • Bandwidth Throttling will allow users to control and limit the amount of bandwidth that eSureIT uses. By limiting the amount of bandwidth available to eSureIT, users can continue to allow eSureIT to backup files without any noticeable impact on their internet connectivity.
  • While eSureIT has always had features that allow users to restore files from a specific date, eSureIT v 2.3 will have the option to restore all of their files from a specific date in one simple step.

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