Version Released

The entire staff at Intronis is happy to announce the next release in the 3.0 series. The 2795 build touts tighter integration with Windows Server 2008 running Exchange 2007 and/or SQL Server 2008.

We’ve also added a useful new feature for partners and IT consultants who manage the backup process for their customers. If you’ve ever had a customer open the software and change some settings only to find out they disabled something they shouldn’t have, you’ll be happy to know that you can now password protect the software at startup! Simply load the Backup Monitor, go to Preferences and check off the password prompt option. The next time the Monitor loads the user will be prompted to enter in the account password. This represents another one of our “you asked for it, you get it” features. (You’re welcome Jason!)

You may be surprised by another release, but way back in Q4 of ’08 we made it our goal to release a new version of our product at least twice a quarter. The speed in which we can now release fully QA’ed software is made possible by our adoption of the SCRUM software development process 18 months ago, as well as our involvement of actual customers in the process. And lots of Red Bull. Lots. So look out for another release in about six weeks!


The Intronis Software Team

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