Why You Should Prepare For A Worst-Case Backup Scenario

Intronis partner uses cloud backup to save one of its customers from a complete catastrophe

BridgeNet Technology Consultants, LLC has been focused on protecting its clients’ IT networks from cyber threats and data disasters since its inception in 2008. To ensure a successful customer experience, the managed service provider (MSP) now insists every new client take advantage of its cloud backup service powered by Intronis.

The reason is simple says Chuck Rich, managing partner at BridgeNet. “Having the right backup solution in place means that we never have to look at our clients in their time of need and say, ‘Sorry, but we can’t help you.’”

Rich talks from experience. During BridgeNet’s evolution as a business continuity provider, the MSP has suffered its own headaches with data backup vendors. “We had been through three separate cloud backup solutions before finding Intronis,” says Rich. “Early on we partnered with a cloud backup vendor that left us and our customer hanging for two weeks following a server crash. When the cloud backup vendor finally sent us a copy of the customer’s data, it was on multiple DVDs, which was very time consuming to use for a rebuild. Needless to say, that experience burned the bridge with that vendor and made it impossible to deliver exceptional service to our customer.”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the MSP’s only bad experience with a cloud backup vendor. One cloud backup vendor actually charged BridgeNet $5,000 to join its partner program and for the “privilege” of being able to rebrand its backup solution. “What really added insult to injury,” says Rich, “was the fact that the backup software didn’t work that well — it would often freeze up and backups were often incomplete.” By the time BridgeNet tried a third backup solution and ran into similar headaches, the team was at its wit’s end.

The MSP knew cloud backup was essential and shortly after joining a Robin Robins peer group began to reach out to others to find out what, if any, cloud backup vendors were actually worth engaging.  The peer-to-peer feedback on Intronis was overwhelmingly positive so BridgeNet made the call.

Right out the gate, Rich was impressed.  There were no hidden fees to become an Intronis partner and the backups worked flawlessly. The real test, however, didn’t occur until much more recently.

Don’t Settle For On-Premise Backups Alone

One of BridgeNet’s customers manufactures and installs specialized insulation products for plants, refineries and other industries. “This client was referred to us by a mutual business contact who said the insulation company needed help restoring some files that had been accidentally deleted,” recalls Rich. “After our initial meeting with the client and learning more about their IT environment, we discovered they were using only tapes to back up their data, and they were also using a legacy Novell server to host their data.”

Because of the client’s manual backup processes, BridgeNet’s options were few and the team could only restore files that were several months old.  It was a painful and costly lesson for the customer, and one neither party wanted to see repeated.  After much discussion, the two companies put pen to paper and inked an IT services relationship that would prove to be priceless to the customer in the months ahead.

Restored Data in Less Than 24 Hours

“I got a page on Sunday night at 11:27 p.m. from my RMM [remote monitoring and management] software letting me know that this customer lost communication with the cloud backup data center,” explained Rich. “Their building caught on fire and was engulfed in flames and the fire department was on-site trying to put out the fire.”

It was a worst-case scenario situation — in the middle of the night a fire had consumed the main office, destroying its computers, servers, and entire on-premise IT network. “As soon as I got off the phone with our client, I started up my laptop, logged into the Intronis portal, and I hit the restore button.”

By early morning, BridgeNet had a complete backup of the customer’s data saved on a flash drive, which Rich took to the business owner to discuss the plan for getting them back up and running. “The business had access to a temporary location with one computer, which I used to restore his most critical business application, which was his accounting system,” says Rich. “In less than 24 hours from the time the fire broke out, I was able to get the customer’s accounting system up and running and he was able to continue processing transactions.”

Within a week of the fire, BridgeNet had new servers and workstations set up for the customer in a mobile office near its original office location. “They’re in the process of rebuilding their office and will hopefully be moved back in within the next year,” says Rich. “The business is dealing with some challenges as it tries to get back to business as usual, but one thing’s for certain: If they had lost all their data in the fire — including the years of accounting information — the company would have likely gone out of business. Now, if that isn’t enough incentive for a business to back up its data to the cloud, then I don’t know what is.”

Rich notes that his client realizes what a bargain it really is to have his data protected. BridgeNet plans to use this recent disaster recovery experience to talk to the 25% of his customers who are still on break-fix plans about the importance of being on a managed services program that includes cloud backup.

“We’re excited that as we’re starting to prepare for hurricane season and talk with new prospects about the importance of disaster recovery, we don’t have to worry about looking for another cloud backup vendor,” says Rich. “Intronis proved that not only does it work during the day-to-day backups, but it’s there when a customer suffers from a worst-case-scenario event, too.”

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